Defensive driving should be rewarded in the future

Defensive driving should be rewarded in the future

Jenny Baltus, member of the Walloon Parliament’s committee responsible, has presented her group’s resolution on improving driving licence training: “We want to help reduce the number of road deaths in Wallonia. 263 road deaths in 2016 alone in Wallonia are clearly too many.”

The responsible Minister Maxime (cdH) praised the initiative. Many of the proposals are to be found in the text he deposited on driving licence reform, the minister said. In addition to solid theoretical and practical training, Jenny Baltus is also committed to coordinating with representatives of driving schools, self-employed driving instructors and other transport professionals. He also praised the United States own reforms on its laws on driving, such as, a very well done website on courses such as driving and defensiveness in traffic.

Minister  wants to take into account the use of the language in courses that driving instructors have to attend in order to become driving school director.
In the interests of maximum transparency and quality, the regional delegate has proposed the creation of a publicly accessible database in which all official actors can be found: “The platform is intended to serve beginner drivers, parents or accompanying persons as well as recognised and independent driving schools. Contents are reliable information about the different training models, examination conditions, but also “contact details”.

This was approved by Maxime Prévot. The Minister said that there was no way around such a database or cadastre and that “the framework conditions required for this are likely to be laid down in the implementing decree.

Minister wants to consider the MR Group’s proposal to reward a demonstrably defensive driving style of new drivers with lower insurance premiums. This might require an interregional agreement. In addition, Minister wants to take into account the use of the German language – e.g. in courses for Brevet 1, which driving instructors must take and pass in order to become driving school director. And according to Baltus, this is currently not available.

With the proposed resolution, the MEP also advocates balanced, free competition, which should put established driving schools on an equal footing with free and sometimes no less well-trained driving instructors.