Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

In the last few months I have been working on cultivating some healthy lifestyle habits that I can assure you have changed my life both personally and professionally. Habits that are helping me to have a healthy life and that all the people I mentor I try to instill from day one to achieve extraordinary results.

The life of the entrepreneur is not a path of roses. Do you agree? Sometimes you eat the world, you feel full and nothing can stop you. Other times nothing seems to go right, the results don’t match the amount of hours and effort you put in, and if you compare yourself to others they seem to be doing better than you could.

I’m sure you know all these feelings. That’s why I’m convinced that acquiring new healthy habits makes the difference between people who achieve everything they set out to do and those who struggle unsuccessfully to achieve it.

The habits I’m going to talk to you about next have helped me to maintain a balanced life, avoiding getting burned (the famous burnout, where stress kills everything you do) and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Many people ask me how can I be on so many topics at once: whether the blog, lectures and weekly trips, courses, the podcast or all my projects among which are the recent launch of my new agency.

So if you’re wondering how to achieve healthy habits, be clear that there’s nothing magical behind it all, just planning, hard work and a series of habits that have helped me move to the next level. All of them are healthy daily habits.


These healthy habits that you are going to read have been the result of trying to make constant improvements in my life. And I will tell you that I didn’t acquire them overnight, many of them have taken me months to consolidate.

According to Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habits, a habit takes 21 days to forge, although other sources say it takes 30 days for us to establish this new habit in our lives. In my experience, and depending on the habit in question and the commitment we make to it, we may take much less time.

On the other side of the coin other habits that involve a greater effort on our part require more than 30 days of commitment.

One technique that I use and that has personally helped me a lot is what I call “The Chain of Commitment”. The people I advise could talk about it and tell themselves whether it worked for them or not. Don’t search Google, you won’t find anything that refers to this technique; if you want to know more about it contact me and I’ll explain.

As you know, I like to do with myself as a guinea pig and experiment with all the techniques I hear that can help me hack life and live better.


If you are interested in knowing what healthy habits are changing my life, here is a list of habits that have marked a before and after for me.

These are the habits that are helping me a lot to improve my life and if you apply them, you will also notice a huge change in your day to day:


Some time ago I went through a very delicate personal situation that sank me completely, I explained it in the article El día en que casi abandon mi blog. My life was going to shit and I was being a spectator in the front row of that situation without being able to do anything.

The thing is that for a long time I felt the need to escape and disconnect from the world around me. I needed a few days of reflection in solitude, a few days for myself in order to focus my ideas and see how I could face a very complicated situation. I wanted to do a retreat and the options I considered at the time were:

  • Go to a hotel and spend a few days there. The idea of being in a hotel did not captivate me, it was not the environment of tranquility and peace that I was looking for.
  • To get into a convent with priests. I didn’t like the options I found on the internet, the rooms were sad and I could leave there more depressed than lively.
  • Spending 3 days in a Buddhist monastery. The option that most seduced me.

So I got in touch with the Buddhist monastery of El Garraf, which is only a few kilometres from Barcelona, and they hosted me there for 3 days.

There I could go to my roll and disconnect in a more beautiful environment surrounded by nature to be in a natural park.

I must make it clear that I am not a very religious person, much less a practitioner. I have my beliefs like almost everyone else, but it is a subject that I reserve for myself.

In the Buddhist monastery they welcomed me with open arms and treated me like never before, as well as introducing me to the world of meditation.

Meditation is a subject that I had always seen as mystical or religious, and I imagined bald monks sitting all day in front of a huge Buddha. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Getting started in meditation has helped me to become more focused on what I do, feel revitalized and more energetic, and above all, to reduce the stress of my life.

Meditation may seem difficult at first, but I assure you that if you practice it for a week, you will begin to notice its benefits. If you’ve never done it before, you can start by trying Headspace, an app that teaches you to meditate and guides you for 10 minutes each day. It is perfect for beginners and will help you enter the world of meditation.

I know many successful entrepreneurs and people who have incorporated meditation into their lives and tell only good things.

10 minutes a day first thing in the morning when you wake up is enough to start.

Some tools to help you meditate

Of course, here are also some hacks that will help you meditate better.

InterAxon Muse

When I started meditating I was taught to focus my attention on breathing and try to leave the mind blank. “Any thought that passes through your mind let it flow. Let it flow? What did that mean? That it flows in my mind and I keep thinking about what I think, or that it flows and disappears? Disappear.

All in all, many times when I had finished meditating I wondered if I had done it right or wrong. If you don’t get it right it seems like there’s no use sitting for 10 minutes trying to free your mind.

I recently discovered a gadget that I’ve become addicted to and that allows me to analyze my brain activity while I meditate to see if I’m doing well or not.

This is the InterAxon Muse that I discovered thanks to the great Pat Flynn. A headband that you put on your head while meditating and that generates a report on your meditation, telling you when you have managed to leave your mind blank. Brutal!

The simple fact of having this gadget makes me get up in the morning wanting to meditate, as if I were a child with a new toy.