Well – Being

Well – Being

Our well-being has become the top priority of our lives: in our free time, away from work and occupations, we like to fill our time with healthy habits: going out with friends, practicing sports, socializing, participating in cultural activities…etc.

But how can we achieve that mental and physical well-being that allows us to live life intensely every day and fully? We often find out about new ways to promote our physical and mental health; however, there is a lot of information available, and we may not have as much time as we deserve to be informed about our well-being.

So here’s a compilation of the 7 best tips for achieving physical and mental well-being.

Breaking with sedentarism

It sounds cliché, yet our way of life is excessively sedentary. The lack of physical movement can lead us, as incredible as it may seem, to live in a sense of stagnation that could lead us to depression (or, without going so far, to procrastinate and waste our free time, making us feel that we do not give up or take advantage of the time we have been given).

A good way to break this vicious circle is to go outside. Such a simple gesture can mean a great change in the soul, apart from putting our body into movement (something that always produces a sensation of health that increases our state of mind).

Breathe fresh air, get away from the city, take long walks, or simply go for a walk in the street one hour a day. Walking is one of the healthiest exercises there is, and it burns the same calories as running, if we walk at an accelerated pace.

The important thing is to put our body in movement, as well as to disentumize the muscles and to clear the mind.

Try new things

This point may sound excessively broad, however this is an advantage: we have the possibility to try new things every day of our life.

There are many cultural activities in the different cities in which we can participate, interact with the collective and enjoy a festive atmosphere in which to learn about other cultures, cultural movements of our own country or about art and history, as well as discover new forms of entertainment or the latest in new recipes.

Doing sports

Sport is the cornerstone of well-being. While there are specific ways to improve mood and mental well-being, sport is not just about shaping our bodies: it has great mood and mental benefits.

Practicing exercise not only makes our body numb (we may suffer from contractures in the neck due to the sedentary nature of routine, which can cause us severe headaches), but also exercises it, preventing it from atrophying. In addition, developing our muscles improves our physical appearance and self-perception of individuals, giving them greater confidence in themselves.

In addition to this, sport provides a moment of collectivity in the weekly routine that is very beneficial for individuals: team work and playful enjoyment strengthen our social interaction in a very positive way.

However, physical exercise can also be practiced alone (in a gym) or in our own home, with daily exercise routines. Remember that physical exercise produces endorphins, which is equivalent to feeling happiness while doing it.

New experiences (extreme sports)

There are also new forms of sport that can bring a point of dynamism to your routine, while helping to discover a new skill in you. An example are the aerial fabrics, very fashionable nowadays (and that can be practiced in a sport center or at home) as well as the wind tunnel, in which we can live a simulation of what it means to practice skydiving.

In this line we have the risk sports, which, in addition to skydiving, we also have the bungee jumping or any form of extreme sport that takes all our adrenaline and frees us from stress with new exciting and unrepeatable experiences.

Establish routines

Routines are the foundation of a healthy and satisfying life. Hourly chaos does not benefit our fullness, quite the opposite: it destabilizes our body, its schedule for hunger and ends up disrupting the sleep cycle, which can lead to insomnia (a very serious problem today).

A scheme always helps to think in an orderly way: it is not only about organizing daily tasks, but to build in our mind an organized and orderly way of thinking, focused in a concrete direction.

Schedules and routines enter our lives in a dynamic that facilitates to carry out all our duties in less time and in a much more satisfactory way, avoiding stress.

Cultivating hobbies and having habits

Hobbies are a reflection of our personality, so exploring our hobbies is a way to get to know ourselves.

Regularly practicing our hobbies, as well as exploring new ones, is an excellent way to communicate with ourselves on a daily basis and remember who we are, as well as a bond to bond with others and forge new friendships.

Get away from bad companies and consult a specialist about our concerns.

The most important point to cultivate our mood and mental health. Our brain is our motor, and when it is overloaded we should give it a break or ask for help if necessary.

Consult our concerns with a specialist (a psychologist, for example) is an excellent way to preserve our psychological and soul health, as if it were a periodic health check.

On the other hand, away from toxic companies that deprive us of energy and negatively influence our lives, we must put them aside to strengthen our positivity.

As you can see, achieving physical and mental health is simple: put these tips into practice and start living your life to the fullest every day!

It is very important that we take care of both our physical and mental health. Suddenly we have experienced a change recently or we need to get back on track to our dreams. Whatever the reason, we must always try to be in balance with our lives.

If something is bothering us for a long time or we feel that it is affecting our daily lives, we may need help from a professional. Physical activity or exercise has to be part of your daily life. This doesn’t mean you need to exercise every day or go crazy for exercise. It means that you must implement moments of walking or do a sport that you like to achieve physical and mental well-being.