What you need to know about Lacrosse?

What you need to know about Lacrosse?

Ever heard of website about lacrosse? Probably. But what exactly is behind it. But you probably don’t know exactly what’s behind it and how a game is played, for example. We talked to two real lacrosse experts and tell you everything you need to know about the Canadian national sport.

Lacrosse – what is it actually?

Some may know lacrosse from series like “Teen Wolf” or films like “American Pie”. If you google the term “lacrosse”, however, it seems as if the sport is not very widespread in Europe.

You can find the obligatory Wikipedia article, but not much more information (at least in German). Nevertheless, there seems to be something to lacrosse. At the moment there are about 50 official clubs and teams registered that participate in the league – and the scene has been growing for years. That’s why we took a closer look at the sport and summarized the most important information for you.

The facts and rules

Originally lacrosse was already played by the Indians. At that time there were no clear rules and the game served more as a war game or competition between different tribes, with many dozens to hundreds of players. Through colonization, the sport paved its way to Europe. Here it received its name in the middle of the 17th century from the French “la crosse” (curved handle, crosier).

Lacrosse spread to Australia and the British Isles, but was often regarded as the “sport of the elite” for a long time. In the middle of the 19th century, the first lacrosse clubs were founded in Canada and the USA – where it is now a very popular and much played sport. And Germany? Here the game in its present form, as a team sport and league sport, only really arrived in the 1990s. Today, lacrosse is firmly established as a university sport in Germany and is also growing outside the universities.

In general, there is a separation between men’s and women’s lacrosse, which also entails differences in the structure and sequence of the game. Our infographics show what these are, short and compact:

Interview with the experts

Eva Antures (22) and Max Steinborn (27) currently play lacrosse as university sports at the Ruhr University Bochum and are both members of the teams of the club “Bochum Lacrosse”. They burn for this sport. For us they have brought some light into the darkness when it comes to lacrosse. They also tell you why lacrosse is definitely an underestimated trend sport.

UNICUM: What is the special attraction of lacrosse for you?

Max: For me, the special attraction lies in the community, for example. Lacrosse is a relatively small sport, you know each other after a short time, both within Germany and now in Europe, and I think that’s cool. What appeals to me about the sport itself is the fast pace and the mixture of tactics and body contact. You need different skills to become a good lacrosse player. It’s an exciting challenge that brings a lot of fun to the game.

I’ve been playing for almost three years now and I’m not going to stop for now.
Eva: When I went to a trial training for the first time years ago, the lacrosse fever immediately gripped me. When I moved to Bochum and started studying there, I joined the lacrosse team of the university sports directly. I have tried a lot of different sports in my life, but I just like lacrosse the best.

Who is Lacrosse suitable for? What skills or previous knowledge do you need?

Eva: I think lacrosse is a sport that is suitable for all people who are open to learning and trying out new things. Of course you should enjoy sports – and enjoy being outdoors for training, even in winter. Team spirit is important. You should appreciate that and not be a total lone fighter. You don’t really need any previous knowledge. We start with every new University sports course again from the front with the basics an.Lacrosse Bochum e.V.

Max: Yes, you should also be an open and communicative person when it comes to men’s lacrosse. If you come from another sport (e.g. hockey, basketball, etc.) this can be advantageous, but lacrosse is basically a very beginner-friendly sport. Many people are beginners because it is still a growing sport. You can play lacrosse regardless of your physical condition. No matter if big or small, muscular or not, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but everybody can play if he wants to.

What perhaps should not be underestimated is the hand-eye coordination, because it is really important. But you can train all that. And even if you can fit and catch with a certain degree of confidence, you are totally confused during your first lacrosse games because there are so many rules. But once you get through it, it gets really exciting later when you develop tactics and moves.

In Bochum there are currently three men’s courses but only one women’s course offered via university sport. So is lacrosse rather for “tough guys”?

Eva: I wouldn’t say that like that. Lacrosse is perhaps simply better known as a men’s sport, for example from American series or films. Women often don’t know that women’s lacrosse is played quite differently from men’s lacrosse, where it’s often rough and with a lot of physical contact. That could be one reason why lacrosse is not so often on women’s list of favourite sports. I have known lacrosse since my childhood, for example, from the cartoon series “Hanni und Nanni”.

There are actually more women from this generation who have come to play lacrosse themselves as a result. Among the younger students who are now beginning their studies or are just in their 2nd or 3rd semester, they often don’t even know lacrosse. Maybe some of you know the sport from the series “Teen Wolf”, but there it is again men’s lacrosse.