Where Do We Find the Love That We Seek?

Where Do We Find the Love That We Seek?

The words to the carolers of “Where Is Love?” from the musical Oliver kept playing in my head this week:
Where is love?
Does it drop from skies over?
Is it underneath the willow tree
That I’ve been imagining?

Oliver’s look for love speaks to our hearts due to the fact that we all recognize that yearning to find the love that is meant for only us. We seek that special love that will certainly speak to our hearts and fill us with its charm. We try to find that love that will certainly make us really feel special.

If you are like me, you have actually invested much of your life browsing in all the incorrect places. You looked for that love in the arms of another, and you thought you had found it in those heady “falling-in-love” days, weeks, and months of a new partnership. We all understand and keep in mind those times when every little thing in our lives shone with a special radiance as we watched out at the globe with our “I’m in love” lenses. Not only did life appear more gorgeous; we felt stunning and also unique, and also we indulged in that sensation. Actually, we shone.

That sensation really did not last. Our relationships resolved into a routine of being together; the demands of life interceded. It had not been long before that beautiful, unique sensation dissipated, and also an inner vacuum returned. We found ourselves still seeking that which would certainly make us feel entire, enough, worthy.

Component of that search was answered for me in my work to learn how to love and also approve myself. Just how could any person else make me feel the worth as well as approval that I couldn’t embrace for myself? I was looking for a person to fill my very own internal space, as well as I didn’t recognize that I was the just one who might do that. Vanity and also self-acceptance was very important milestones on my journey, as well as then, I didn’t understand that my seeking would take me additional as well as further to locate love beyond anything I had actually experienced in my life.

As I felt stronger within myself, I sought response to my concerns concerning life, and also in that seeking, I found love that is really beyond step, love that words could not truly capture. I realized that I had actually been seeking outside of me for love that would make me feel special and worthwhile. The love I was looking for was within me the whole time; I just really did not understand it was there. This love is God’s Love; it is exactly what I am, and also it is what you are. We are all expressions of God’s limitless, genuine Love. When I obtain still as well as go within, I open up right into outright love. It is constantly there, always waiting for me to choose to return. This love doesn’t impose itself on me; it doesn’t require my interest. This love waits on me to return, to come residence.

The love that we have been seeking isn’t to be located beyond us. It is within us; it is exactly what we are – our inner significance – and also this love attaches us all as one family members in spirit. We are love. The special love that we wanted to talk with our hearts and also load us with its elegance is within us. The love that is indicated for us and that makes us feel unique is within us. It is God’s love for us, and it is right here for us constantly.

I welcome you to obtain still and to allow on your own to open up within. Explore just what you discover there. Sit quietly because serenity and feel yourself merge the love that you are. The love that you are is the love that I am; it is the love that we all are. We are genuinely siblings as well as sis in spirit. To all you, I send terrific love today. Namaste.